Humanity's largest and most important endeavor

#OperationSaveTheWorld is as it sounds, to save the world. Sadly, despite our best intentions saving the world is not going to happen alone by throwing money at our favorite charities, occasionally volunteering, or being keyboard activists. It is going to take a lot more than that considering we can all agree our governments are failing us.


However, it is simple really. We the people must take it upon ourselves to cause true revolution for most of our governments are corrupt, not to mention charities can’t get the job done fully either, especially considering when many charities and nonprofits are corrupt too. No, it is going to take humanity coming together. We the people must become united, not increasingly divided. And yes we can do it!


While uniting the people may sound idealistic it can be rationally managed, but it does require a very macro and organized approach. This is where #OperationSaveTheWorld comes into play.

#OperationSaveTheWorld addresses every single aspect needed for humanity to reach its highest potential and is broken down into 3 main structures.


Humanity’s Forgotten Nature (Spirituality)

Global Epidemics


To fully save the world we must address all blockages. Just as an integrative doctor looks at what is plaguing the garden of the body we must do the same for our global society, and for our garden that is Mother Earth (Gaia).


1. Humanity's Forgotten Nature (Spirituality)


First, we must awaken our minds to our spiritual nature. This is a necessity for without spirit we lack energy, authenticity, forget to embrace healthy cultural passions, and are more easily susceptible to brainwash and illness. To start this process we must realize that we are spiritual beings. That is our true nature. Likewise, we are all part of the same energy that is The All, Source, Nature, God, or however you wish to call universal intelligence. This base principle of understanding allows us to see why we must treat all life with delicacy and cherish it.


On the macro, this begins with unification where we as humanity can change our global conditions. On the micro, this allows oneself to liberate one’s suffering and realize his or her own enlightenment. As a result the individual becomes a brighter more wholesome and moral being. This in turn allows the individual to help improve the lives of everyone around them. In total, the ideal micro is to develop what is philosophically known as Christ Consciousness or "5D". Christ Consciousness is to innerstand the Law of One, that we are all interconnected, which in turn breeds compassion into our being where we are then operating under the Golden Rule. The ideal macro is to raise society’s morality, our ethos, by awakening everyone on this planet to the awareness of consciousness and the plagues of humanity so that we may combat them. This macro phenomenon in particular is called The Great Awakening and is correlated in Christian terms with the outpouring and resurgence of The Holy Spirit amongst the masses.

2. Global Epidemics

Secondly, along with developing our own spirituality and the awakening of our consciousness, we all need to study and examine what is plaguing society. Put simply, we cannot leave it up to our current rogue kings who steal from the common man. Therefore, this involves educating ourselves on topics such as global hunger, poverty, homelessness, pollution, human trafficking, sexual abuse, and mental health to name a few issues. Hence, the more the average person starts to study these things the more attention they are given, and thus the more energy flows into creating and providing solutions. For example, imagine if every celebrity and influencer started to work on spreading awareness. Society could change quite quickly, almost overnight. Now while that exact example likely won't happen for obvious reasons, we can develop more and more media to serve as that same energy. This spreading of information is also part of the process that is known as The Great Awakening.

3. Corruption: The Mother of All Evils

This third topic is as vital as the other two, for as long as it is required. We can only save the world if we expose corruption. Corruption is the mother of all evils. It gives birth to most of our global problems, and in an attempt to enslave humanity, corruption continues to perpetuate the problems for control. This has to be dealt with before applying real solutions to our problems. We must #Exposeit. Otherwise all of our actions will only act as a bandage. In fact, many solutions exist, but because solutions cause abundance it doesn’t make money for those who hold power. Thus, many of our solutions are swept underneath a rug, while corrupt leaders continue to distract us with flashy propaganda. It’s as simple as thinking about this: Nikola Tesla was on his way to giving the world free electricity many years ago. Think about how much cheaper life would be if that was the case, and how much greedy corporate money wouldn’t be made off a system like that. Get the gist? Now apply that to almost every sector of humanity and you have modern day society. This is why corruption has to be targeted and exposed so it will dissolve. Solution 1-10,000 will not fully work until we methodically target and systematically eliminate corruption through the proper mechanics required.


So how do we officially go about all this to save the world today? We support those who are working on ending corruption and providing solutions to address our plagues. We work on understanding spirituality and the awakening of our consciousness. We refuse to accept viewpoints of mainstream media as initially true and instead do our own research. And yes, many of us are caught up in the current day to day trap of society. However, we can still work on ourselves and do our best to continue to improve instead of blatantly accepting the brainwash that is shoved down our throats everyday. We couple this with having more conversations about awareness, and that is how no matter who we are we can help save the world!

From here is where #SaveTheWorldTribe comes in. Anyone who wants to save the world is part of the tribe. We are those who are becoming aware of our spiritual nature and the conditions of our planet and what needs to be done. We do not care to fall into dividing identity politics and instead we bear arms with our brothers and sisters to take on the corrupt system.


This is where Enrich Your Journey steps in. To Enrich Your Journey is to work on your own development so that you may Enrich Our Journey. In total, Enrich Your Journey is a community based brand aimed at developing and providing the needed awareness the people of Earth need to save the world. We bring awareness to all the aforementioned issues and have people of all walks of life talk about them to establish global community, to establish #SaveTheWorldTribe.

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